Best Corner Wall Mount For Your TV 2017

Gone are the days when we were used to seeing a Television stand or a small table in the drawing room of every home. Reality is that homes are getting smaller by the day , convenience and space are the main reasons why you should choose a corner wall mount TV stand for your drawing room.

Choosing a wall mount for your television can be quite intimidating because there are just too many options to choose from and if you end up choosing the wrong size or fit, you will have to return it and place a new order. And it’s not just the size, there are other factors e.g material build, slider, angles that has to be carefully looked at before you make a purchase decision.

Given below are the best corner wall mount for your Television where I have explained the Pros and Cons of each wall mount and why you should choose it for your home.

Mount-It! MI-484C


The MI 484C is specifically designed for corner installations in adjacent walls. You can separate the wall plates and mount the television on distinct walls or choose to not separate the wall plates and mount the Television just like a normal wall mount.

One good thing regarding this wall mount is that the brackets can be collapsed at any angle, so the size of your TV does not really matter. This one can house even the smallest Television sets but ideal size is that of C or LED TV’s. This wall mount has a continuous Tilt feature, so you can adjust the viewing angle and reduce glare as per your convenience. The Wall Plate is quite large which assures better gripping and provides enough room to access the back side of the Television set.

The bracket is quite robust and will hold the Television set Steady, no matter its weight. A recommended buy if you are looking for long lasting Wall Mount for adjacent walls for your living room or couch.



The VESA is a Swivel Wall mount which means syou cn use the swivel to change the direction of viewing, if needed. This is ideally suited for Televisions installed in a meeting room, halls or rooms where participants are sitting across all sides. That doesn’t mean that it won’t stay fix, it will. You can use it in your living room or drawing room and it can hold Television sets of all the major brands across all sizes.

The Swivel is limited to 90 degrees so if you can swivel lit 90 degrees left or 90 degrees right. You can even Tilt it forward or backward up to an angle of 12 degrees.

Articulating Tilt Swivel Arms


This one is a unique wall mount that can bring the Television set close to the viewers from the wall, if required.

Comes with a multi directional adjustment tilt which you cn extend for perfect viewing angle. The front side of the television can be tilted up-to 15 degrees while you can tilt it to 12 degrees on the way down. The vertical ratchets allows you to adjust the height of the television set, in case you need to adjust the vision angle and height.

The material is robust enough to hold big screen LED and LCD sets of major brands.

Mount-It! MI-346L


This is a sleek corner wall mount which is best suited for corner installations in large rooms, cafeteria, fireplaces or even meeting rooms. This is one of the few wall mounts which allows up to 180 degrees in swivelling capacity, so you can ensure best viewing experience is observed from all corners of the room.

This wall mount is quite sturdy and made with reinforced steel which can hold large monitors of major brands. This should be your go to choice when you are installing a big enough screen in a crowded place with large number of eyeballs.

Mount-It! MI-2041L


If you are looking for a compact corner wall mount for your living room or couch, this should be your choice. Compared to other wall mounts of the same genre, this one is sleek, has no vertical ratchets, no horizontal swivels and no other adjustments. Unpack the wall mount, put the screws inside and you are ready to go.

This one comes with minimum requirements and can’t be tinkered by others to tilt the screen or rotate it at their end. If you are looking for a wall mount which stays the same for years, this should be your choice. Fits the LED’s and LCD’s of major television brands.


Which Corner wall mount to choose? If you are looking for the maximum number of customization's, go for the MI-484 C. If you are looking for a no frill wall mount, go for the MI-2041 L. If you are looking for tilting, swiveling and other capacities, go for the MI-346L or Articulating Tilt Swivel Arms.

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