Top 5 Best 32-Inch TV Wall Mount 2017

TV wall mounts come in different types and sizes. There are motorized TV mounts that can allow you to remotely or electronically tilt, pan and swivel your mounted TV. There are also non-motorized TV wall mounts that you can tilt, swivel and pan manually.

Some are designed as a 32-inch TV wall mount. Most of these products can usually accommodate a range of TV screen sizes. These mounts also have varying load capacities.

If you're looking for a wall mount for a 32-inch TV, then there are a lot of options for you in the market today. To help you choose the right product - Here are some of the best 32-inch TV wall mounts of 2017, which received top ratings from many buyers worldwide:

1. Level Mount DC42SM Full Motion Articulating Motorized Wall Mount

Swiveling or extending your TV from up to 10.5 inches is possible with this motorized wall mount. You can also pan your TV from up to 30° and tilt it from up to 15° with this product.

This motorized 32-inch TV wall mount can also accommodate a range of other screen sizes. HD and LED TVs with 26-inche to 42-inch screen sizes can fit snugly in this product. Plasma and LCD TVs with flat screen sizes of 10 to 42 inches won't be a problem with this motorized wall mount.

The load capacity of this wall mount for a 32-inche TV or for any other TV screen size is up to 100 lbs. An intuitive cord management system is also integrated into this product, enabling you to tuck and clear away any wires and cables for a clean look.

2. Salamander PM100/M PilotMotion 100 Medium Motorized Wall Mount

Compliance to universal TV mounting specifications and VESA standards is guaranteed by this remote-controlled TV wall mount. LED, Plasma and LCD TVs with 32 to 50-inche screens can fit into the sleek and durable frame of this product.

The sturdy design of this motorized wall mount can also hold up to 110 lbs. If you want wider vertical clearance adjustment options and more TV screen size compatibility support, then the extension wings of this product can comply with your demands. Swiveling, panning and tilting features are also supported by the remote mechanism of this motorized product.

3. Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized HDTV Wall Mount

A 32-inch TV that weighs up to 80 lbs. can fit into the sleek and stylish frame of this motorized wall mount. Other screen sizes of HD, LCD, LED and Plasma TVs with 26-inch to 47-inch displays can also be accommodated by this product. Just keep in mind that the load capacity of this unit's steel and aluminum frame is up to 80 lbs.

A remote-controlled arm is incorporated into this TV mount's motorized parts and accessories, along with silent mechanical technology that offers a noise-free experience while watching your favorite TV programs, presentations and videos. This product is bundled with an adapter that powers up its motor and mechanical design. This motorized wall mount is also compliant with 200x200mm to 400x400mm VESA standards and universal TV mounting specifications.

4. Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

The stylish frame and sleek design of this wall mount can accommodate HD, LED, LCD and Plasma TVs with 20-inche to 75-inche displays. A braided HDMI cable that measures 10 feet long is packaged with this product, along with a magnetic bubble that's equipped with a 3-axis design measuring 6 inches wide.

This product complies with universal TV mounting standards and 600x400mm VESA specifications. It can also support TVs of up to 165 lbs.

A safety locking mechanism is integrated into this unit through a readily accessible pull tab. This wall mount can also allow you to manually tilt your TV to reduce eye and neck strain. You'll also get a 100% lifetime guarantee with this product.

5. Mounting Dream MD2377 TV Wall Mount Bracket

This TV wall mount is integrated with a sturdy frame that can also accommodate LED, LCD, HD and Plasma TVs with screen sizes ranging from 26 to 55 inches. Up to 66 lbs. can be supported by this unit, which has been tested to withstand up to 4 times this load capacity. You can get the peace of mind that you want from this mount for your 32-inch TV.

The Mounting Dream MD2377 TV wall mount bracket is compliant with VESA specifications of 400x400mm and other universal TV mounting standards. You can also tilt up your mounted TV to a maximum of 5° and tilt it down to 15°.

This unit allows you to swivel your mounted TV left and right to best match your desired viewing position. You can also pull your TV nearer to you by up to 15 inches, or farther away from your position by up to 3 inches.


If you're looking for a stylish addition to your home automation system, then a motorized 32-inch TV wall mount like the Level Mount DC42SM full motion, articulating motorized wall mount is a good option. The Salamander PM100/M PilotMotion 100 Medium motorized wall mount is also recommended by many users with LED and Plasma flat screen TVs. On the other hand, you can go with the Displays2go LM2647MOT motorized HDTV wall mount in case you have a 32-inch high-definition TV.

If what you want is a non-motorized wall mount for a 32-inch TV, then the Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV wall mount is a top pick of many users with HD and Plasma TVs. On the other hand, a lot of buyers who want a minimalist look for their homes and offices recommend the Mounting Dream MD2377 TV wall mount bracket. Before you choose any of these top TV wall mounts, you should check if it can accommodate the weight of your TV.

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