A Warm Welcome

A big hello and welcome to Mountontop.com . I'm Nick, a family man with a wife and two adoring children. I love to spend my spare time helping my wife around the house and playing with my children. My hobbies are blogging and watching sports,movies and tv shows on the TV. We have a large 55 inch Sony LED TV installed on the wall of our living room. I have deliberately kept the height of our television 5 feet above the ground to keep it safe from my kids.

The idea behind Mount On Top giving out informative reviews and how to's about TV mounts came about after an accident that took place in my home about a year ago. I was watching my favourite soccer team on TV, oblivious of the fact that my 5 year old son was approaching fast, riding his scooter. Before I could even react, he crashed into the TV kept on a table in the corner of the room. The TV fell on the ground with a loud noise and the screen immediately broke down. I was more worried about the safety of my son at that time and picked him up in my arms to prevent any electric shock from harming him.

After the incident, I realized that it was a big mistake on my part to have kept the television on a table rather than getting it mounted out of reach of my kids. I had learn't a lesson and thought it was a good idea to investigate and review different types of mounts and why they are so important to when you buy an LED or LCD for your home.

It is my aim to provide authentic information about different types of TV mounts available in the market. I also try to educate my readers on the subject of TV mounts. This is because most people are unaware of the features as well as pros and cons of different types of mounts. They mostly take a decision based upon what they find attractive or durable. High price is not always a guarantee of the best TV mount for the use of a customer. There are many factors that need to be kept in mind when buying a TV mount for your TV and room.

The size and weight of your television and the condition of the wall upon which it is going to be installed should be the main deciding factors for choosing a mount. Some mounts have higher weight bearing capacity than others. There are also mounts that allow the owner to pull out the TV whenever required.

It's my aim to educate my readers as well as myself on the benefits of installing large televisions on a wall/ceiling etc.

Hopefully all your Mounting questions you have will have been answered already on the site via the many articles available, but should you have any outstanding questions, it is better to add a comment below the specific article. Or send an email via our contact form, click here.