Some of the best corner tv mounts for an enjoyable TV watching experience

We make some of our best memories getting together to watch TV. Its where we unwind after a busy day, so making sure you have the right mount for your TV is a must. A corner mount can be a great solution to make the most of your home and your TV. A corner TV mount might just be the best solution to your own ‘cosy’ living space. By mounting your TV in the corner of the room you can save space while making sure everyone has a great view whether you’re catching a Game or getting hooked on ‘Game of Thrones!’ To make your life easier when searching for a mount for your TV, I’ve compiled a list of the best corner TV mounts. I’ll consider a number of factors like: affordability, materials, style and look to help you find the best mount for your TV. A tv mount bracket or the mounted flat panel appears a lot cooler and fantastically saves floor space when opposed to sitting on the bulky unit consoles. Most people  know the use of mounting a Television on the walls but lack the skills of doing so of fear of damaging their personal property or equipment. Majority of people don't really want to pay for the professional services but mounting a new television is the finest way to enjoy the best TV watching experience. It's highly advisable of Mounting a TV needs a professional to carry out the task. It frees the floor space and also adds a contemporary touch to the entire room. If you have recently bought a flat screen television, I've reviewed a number of corner TV wall mounts here at Mountontop. By mounting your TV on the wall, you can enjoy the full effects of a flat screen TV. There are various options of wall mounts including a basic wall mount offering sturdiness and security of knowing that the wall mount won't fall to the ground. Secondly, there is swiveling wall mounts which offer more versatility than what the flat mount can offer. Other options include tilting wall mounts and the articulating wall mounts. Let us check out some of the best wall mounts for your needs.

Types Of TV Mounts

Articulating TV Mounts

These mounts can also be known as Full motion TV mounts. They are mounts that fit to the wall and an arm allows you to adjust the position of your TV for maximum viewing comfort. If you want to use your TV mount with an existing TV cupboard, then this could be the TV mount solution for you. By attaching your articulating mount to the back of the cupboard, you’ll achieve the effect of your TV floating above your original cupboard.

These mounts are usually a little more expensive than others and can be a little more difficult to install than other mounts so bare this in mind when making your selection. Its also important to note that if you want to use an Articulating TV mount, you’ll need longer cables to allow for the greater range of motion and number of positions that this mount allows.

Low Profile Mounts

A low-profile mount is a great choice if you want to mount your TV as close to the wall as possible. With this kind of mount will not swivel, or move at all. Because of their simplicity this kind of TV mount is usually the cheapest one available. On the down side, in some cases the TV can end up so close to the wall that there is no room for the cables something you need to be really sure about if you plan on choosing a low-profile corner mount for your TV. Where your TV cables do fit, if you’re using this kind of TV mount you might find that your TV remains at an angle because of the bulky cables behind. Still, a low-profile mount remains the most cost-effective option for a TV mount and is a good choice if you want your TV to remain fixed in one position, close to the wall.

Tilting Mounts

A tilting wall TV mount will likely be the best choice for you if you’re looking for something cheaper and easier to install than an articulating mount for your TV, although a tilting TV mount will generally be more expensive than choosing a simpler low-profile mount for your TV. Most of these tilting mounts are considered ‘low profile tilting.’ These mounts can usually handle more weight than an articulating TV mount as your TV will not be mounted on an arm, and this means easier installation. If you’re looking to install your mount just about eye level then this design that doesn’t move up and down could be the best choice for you.

Ceiling TV Mounts

Mounting your TV in a corner using a Ceiling mount could be a good solution if you have a busy house and want to protect your expensive tech. Because these mounts level the TV at a height, you can be confident that this choice of TV bracket will keep your screen out of harms way. A ceiling mount used to mount your TV in the corner, can be a great solution if you’d like to install a TV that you plan to watch in bed, as the TV can be tilted. These mounts are great if you need to both rotate and tilt your screen. Some of these Ceiling TV mounts include a double fixture that allows you to install 2 screens back-to back making this kind of corner TV mounting system a good choice for domestic use, or for various information systems.

Popular Brands

EZ Mounts

When it comes to TV corner mounts, there’s a lot of choice out there. If you’re looking for an affordable mount, it’s likely you’ll be considering one from EZ Mounts. From articulating mounts to ceiling mounts, as a leader in the TV wall mount industry they are focussed on creating high quality TV wall mounts with an affordable price point.

Husky Mount

Canadian company Husky Mount have been in business over 11 years and their experience shows in the number of versatile TV mount options they have available. Their TV mounts will help you to save space and de-clutter your home.

Mount it!

Mount it! Are focussed on bringing you affordable choices, and lots of them. Their TV mount brackets come in a range of designs and are compatible with almost any model of LCD TV.

Overview of the Top 10 Product Models & Selecting the Best Products

1 VideoSecu ML531BE TV Mount for most 22"- 55" TV's

This TV mount is a best seller for a good reason. Made of heavy gauge steel, it can support screens weighing up to 88lbs. Since this mount comes with post-installation adjustment you can be sure that your TV will be perfectly level. You can tilt swivel and rotate your TV on this mount allowing for maximum viewing flexibility and it can be easily installed by one person. This is a low-profile mount that retracts to 2.2” when you want to stow your TV away, and extends 20” from the wall when you have a crowd who all need a good view. Standard mounting hardware a 10 ft HDMI cable and a magnetic bubble level are all included with this great mount.    


2 Husky Mounts 80" Universal TV Mount  Tilting Super Heavy Duty TV Bracket

This mount comes in a super heavy duty steel construction and can carry up to 165 lbs, perfect for older, heavier TV models. Because this TV mount fits most TVs between 37" - 80" it’s a good choice with a variety of different TV models. This mount allows you to tilt your TV up and down for optimum viewing position and easy access to all those cables and plugs. This Husky Mounts 80 Inch Universal TV Wall Mount comes ready to use with no assembly required and includes a lifetime warranty. It comes ready to be used with all hardware for both the wall and the TV included, so you’ll have your TV mounted in no time! For extra security this TV mount includes a locking security mechanism to prevent your TV from unlatching off the wall.    


3. Husky Mount  Full Motion TV Mount 

This reliable TV mount has a durable ultra-strong construction and supports up to 55 lbs in weight. It’ll fit most 32" TVs as well as other sizes of TVs, if the weight and VESA range of your TV are within those listed. Once installed, this mount will allow your TV to swivel freely left and right due to its single arm design. You can tilt your screen down for optimum viewing angle and glare reduction. This model is great for corner mounting as its long swivel arm allows extension of the screen up to 15" and retracts it back as less than 2" from the wall. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and all necessary mounting hardware and instruction manual included.    


4. EZ Mounts - TV Wall Mount With Articulating Arm 

This neat design, may be small but it’s tough too, with a loading capacity up to 33lbs. With this mount you’ll have the choice of tilting and swivelling your monitor to accommodate all the ways you want to watch. The retractable arm on this model extends up to 14” from the wall and retracts to just 1.6” to allow you to save on space. This easy to use TV mount comes with common hardware for most TV's as well as a user manual.    


5. EZ Mounts Swing Arm TV Mount 

This classic black TV mount would perfectly compliment sharp conference rooms and chic homes alike. The flexible swing LCD Wall mount supports up to 33 lbs LCD screens. If you’re looking for an unobtrusive mount then this is the pick for you! This TV bracket folds flat against the wall or extends out up to 14". With a two-link arm providing easy tilt and up to 180 degrees of swivel none of your guests will need to strain their necks for a view of the screen. If time is of the essence, then this mount, that ships fully assembled for fast and easy installation could be the one for you.    


Other Top TV Mounts


6. EZ Mounts - Folding Under Cabinet Ceiling TV Mount 

Looking to enjoy your favorite television shows almost everywhere? Now, you can cook your favorite dishes and continue watching TV shows right in the kitchen. The EZ Mounts is the kind of ceiling mount which is foldable and is the best space saving solution. The sliding and swivel can offer the best TV watching experience. It is an under cabinet mount which is meant for LED and LCD tvs that are vesa complaint. The mount can hold up to 44lbs of weight. It has the dimension of 75 X 75 and 100mm x 100mm. So, enjoy the best viewing angle with the sliding and swivel capabilities. The Corner wall mount supports 13" - 27" monitors having up to 20kgs or 44lbs in weight. Although the wall mount is versatile, it is not that expensive and is priced affordably.



7.Mount-It! MI-509B TV Ceiling Mount Bracket

If you are looking for a 30” to 60” ceiling mount for your flat screen TV, MI-509B is a great option. It is meant for offices and homes having a limited space. The well-engineered and premium grade wall mount is made up of steel to mount firmly on walls and ceilings, having the weight capacity of around 110 pounds. This is an exceptional ceiling Tv mount which can tilt up to 20 degrees and swivel to 360 degrees while extending from 22-31.5 inches to optimize your overall viewing angles. This ceiling mount can suitably fit plasmas of 32-60 inches. Featuring an adjustable height drop of 22-31 inches, the mount has the capacity of 110lbs.  


8.EZ Mounts - Full Motion Security Locking Articulating, Swivel, Tilting TV Wall Mount

EZ Mounts Security Full Motion Locking, Articulating, tilting wall mount is the full motion articulating mount. The wall mount can tilt up to 5 degrees and 15 degrees down. This highly featured full motion TV wall mount is meant for TVs from 32 inches to 55 inches. This mount can be locked and is perfect for public places and even hotel rooms. The perfectly lockable wall mount is capable of supporting TVs up to weight of 110 lbs. The back portion of the display can sit 22.5 inches off the wall when you want to extend the arms. Hardware is included for the wall mounting and wooden studs. This wall mount is just perfect for screen sizes 32-55 inches, The supported screen size is offered as a reference only. It has a solid toughened steel construction for an added durability.


9.Mount-It! Universal Adjustable Full Motion TV Wall Mount -Corner Friendly

This premium grade tv corner wall mount features the single arm design having an incredible extension of 26.5 inches to the front a of typical TV. The versatile wall mount featuring the single arm permits you to tilt the TV or swivel the television to almost any angle. The wall mount supports LCD flat screen and LG plasma televisions. It's perfect for almost all brands of LED and LCD plasma television including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic flat screen TVs. You should check out the compatibility checklist prior to buying this bracket, The mount swivels from 90 degrees towards the left and right or almost any direction for that multiple viewing kind of experience. Featuring a universal mounting bracket, the wall mount is apt for all kinds of flat panel televisions. There is the built-in-bubble level feature for an added convenience. The durability of the wall mount, scratch resistant finishing and easy installation makes it worth considering for sure.


10. Mount-It! Universal Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket 

Suitable for TVs up to 32-60inches, the New Universal Adjustable Tilting and Swiveling Articulating Full Motion TV mount has the capacity of 170lbs. The mount just swivels from 90 degrees left and right in each direction of viewing angles. There can be 15 degrees tilt up and down. The built in bubble level in the backplate offers a lot of convenience. You can adjust the angles on a continuous basis with the black and glossy knobs. The premium swivel wall mount has a single arm design featuring an incredible extension of around 26.5 inches to the front of the television. It easily supports LCD flat screen tvs and plasma flat screen televisions. The corner wall mount is suitable for 99% of the tvs in the market. The design, the construction and the making of the wall mount is just perfect.

The Buying Guide - Corner TV Mounts

So, what to remember when buying your TV mount? There’s a few different factors to consider when finding the right mount for your TV. Here’s a few things to remember:


Some mounts can accommodate more weight than others, so make sure you know the weight of your TV before choosing the mount you purchase. It’s hard to watch your favourite shows on a fallen TV!


Think carefully about how high you’d like your TV to be once your new TV mount has been installed. This will help you make the right choice between the different mounts. For example, you might choose a ceiling mount to watch TV from the cosy comfort of your bed, or a low-profile mount parallel to your sofa, for watching together.


Think about how many different positions you’d like to be able to have your TV with your new TV mount. Do you need to be able to pull it out from the wall for movie nights? Or tuck it away for parties and celebrations? Or perhaps you want to keep your TV in one fixed position, making your choice for a TV mount nice and simple.


It’s important to know the size of your TV before you buy your mount. This will dictate how many options of TV mounts you’ll have as not all mounts will be compatible with every size of TV. Know your stuff, and get the perfect TV mount first time round!



Finding the best corner TV wall mount for your room can be difficult. I hope our research helps you in finding the best mount for your TV. There are mounts for every TV size, so make sure you check the size chart before placing your order. Keep in mind what kind of movement is required for the mount as different mounts allow for distinct movements.