Happybuy Swivel Motorized TV Lift Mount, SHC-340 Review

There are many reason people like to mount their flat screen TVs on the walls. Maybe because they are looking for a change or have just relocated to a smaller apartment which necessitates them to mount their TV to free up some feet in their new apartment. Also, you can be looking to upgrade your home's décor, and this could necessitate disposing off the old TV mount and placing your TV on the wall like a painting. Whatever your reason is, I have a better option for you, and it is Happybuy Swivel Motorized TV Mount, SHC-340.

Happybuy Pro Swivel Motorized TV Lift 32’’-70’’ TV Lift Mechanism 1000mm Lift Mount Auto Lifting Adjustable Height with Remote Controller for Plasma LCD LED TV and Monitors (SHC-340

This TV stand is one of the best motorized mounts on the market. It will save your valuable space and help eliminate the sight of cables and wires that are apparent in a traditional TV stand. The best thing about this unit is that it is not only affordable but also serve its purpose perfectly. It is solidly built and has useful features.

Features -  Happybuy Swivel Motorized TV Mount

  • This swivel mount is all about assortment of use. It can hold up to 165 lbs. of TV weight and cover a wide range of mounting of normal bracket distances. If your mounting bracket is in any of these categories (600 by 400, 400 by 200, 400 by 400, 200 by 100, 200 by 200, 100 by 100), then it is more likely that this unit will hold your TV up safely.
  • It has been constructed using heavy-gauge steel, and thus the product is quite heavy by itself. (39.1 pounds). This, however, gives you peace of mind in knowing that as long as you have mounted your unit properly, your TV will not fall to the ground. Besides, the solid construction ensures longevity and also reduces wear and tear
  • It leaves a significant distance from the wall, which is an advantage for you since you can access cables, wires, and ports in the back of your TV, as well as allowing the TV fan to have a bit of breathing room.
  • It works with either the handset or wireless remote for ease of use. You can lift or lower your TV by controlling your stand using the provided remote control.
  • It has four pre-set memory for remembering favorite heights for your easy operation and convenience.
  • This Pro Swivel Motorized TV Mount is designed for LCD, LED, Plasma TVs, and monitors with sizes between 32 inches and 70 inches. It is perfect for conference rooms, hotel lobbies, living rooms, showrooms, etc.

Pros of Happybuy Swivel Motorized TV Mount, SHC-340

  • This swivel motorized TV mount allows you to tilt your screen down to reduce windows glare and reflections from ambient light.
  • Another major benefit of choosing this swivel mount is its low profile design. This TV mount is not shouting and is built mainly to hold your TV close to the wall and not for aesthetics
  • It has a solid construction thus durable
  • This unit is quite affordable as compared to its competitor models
  • You can mount it anywhere, including near a fireplace
  • It has a black finish making it compatible with most interior decors

Cons of Happybuy Swivel Motorized TV Mount, SHC-340

  • Weighing at 39.1 pounds, this model is quite heavy and therefore should be mounted properly and securely
  • It is quite challenging to install it on your own and thus you might need assistance from a second person

Bottom Line

This swivel TV mount is one of the best in the market. With smooth swiveling capabilities, this TV wall mount is certified to carry up to 165lbs and display of size 32 inches to 70 inches. Rest your TV on the arm of this unit and watch your favorite shows without fear of your TV falling. It has strong arms that can lift heavy weights.

If you are looking for an affordable TV wall mount with minimalistic design, then Happybuy Swivel Motorized TV Mount, SHC-340 is the best option for you.



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