5 Best Motorized TV Mount for 2017

A motorized TV mount can provide you with a lot of benefits. It can reduce eye and neck strain. This is also a space-conserving product that's most suitable for those with limited areas for home theater systems and office presentation equipment. Many users have realized these advantages, which is the main reason why more people around the world have started to use motorized TV mounts in their homes and offices.

A few still hesitate to use motorized TV mounts. Some believe that it's too dangerous for their TVs to dangle from their walls and ceilings, especially if motorized parts would be used to move and tilt their TVs time and again. Others think setting up their TVs with motorized TV mounts isn't as quick and simple as it looks.

On the contrary, motorized TV mounts are exactly designed to make good use of the inherent form factor of the latest LCD, LED and plasma flat screen TVs today. Notice the bolts and screws that are equipped into the frame of your TV? It's there for one reason - Your TV was designed to be mounted.

Plus, a lot of motorized TV mounts today are simple to install and easy to operate. You won't need any specialized technical expertise to securely fasten your TV to a motorized mount. To help you make a more informed buying decision and end up with the ideal setup for your home and office - Here are the best motorized TV mounts of 2017:

1. FLP-210 In-Ceiling Flip Down Motorized TV Mount

This motorized ceiling mount is packaged in an ultra-slim frame that measures 4.5 inches thin. This is designed for 32-inche to 50-inche LCD, LED and Plasma flat screen TVs. Cable protection is integrated into this product.

You can conveniently tilt and move your TV through this motorized ceiling mount's remote and switch accessories, which are bundled with this product. A good addition to your home automation system, this motorized mount comes with automatic TV power on and off features.

2. VIVO Electric Motorized Flip Down Pitched Roof Ceiling TV Mount

Manufactured using durable solid steel materials that's packaged in a sleek frame, this motorized mount is designed for 23-inche to 55-inche LCD, LED and Plasma flat screen TVs that weigh up to 60 lbs. on average. This product has been tested to withstand up to 3 times its load capacity, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your safety.

You can tilt and move your TV with this motorized mount from 75° to 0°. This gives you quick and easy storage features and space-conserving benefits for your home and office.

3. Level Mount DC42SM Full Motion Articulating Motorized Wall Mount

You can ease eye and neck strain by tilting your TV from up to 15° with this motorized TV wall mount, or by panning it from up to 30°. You can also use this product's extending and swiveling features from up to 10.5 inches for your mounted TV.

This motorized wall mount is designed for 26-inche to 42-inch HD and LED TVs, as well as for 10-inch to 42-inch LCD and Plasma flat screen TVs that weigh up to 100 lbs. This product is also equipped with easy to use cord management features for clearing away any wires and cables that might cause accidents and the like.

4. Salamander PM100/M PilotMotion 100 Medium Motorized Wall Mount

This motorized TV wall mount is designed to be compliant with VESA specifications and universal TV mounting standards. It's also crafted with a sleek yet sturdy frame that can accommodate LCD, LED and Plasma flat screen TVs weighing up to 110 lbs. with 32-inch to 50-inch displays.

Extension wings are integrated into the design of this motorized wall mount, giving you wider TV frame compatibility support and more vertical clearance adjustment options. You can also remotely tilt and swivel your TV through this motorized mount.

5. Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized HDTV Wall Mount

This product is manufactured with steel and aluminum materials. The motorized parts and accessories of this wall mount are packaged in a sleek and sturdy frame, which is suitable for 26-inch to 47-inch LED, HD, LCD and Plasma flat screen TVs. It can support up to 88 lbs.

A remote is bundled with this motorized wall mount, which can conveniently allow you to make adjustments through its integrated arm. An adapter is equipped into this motorized mount to power up its mechanical features.

Noise-free design is also incorporated into the motorized parts of this TV wall mount, giving you very minimal distractions while viewing your favorite shows and presentations. This product is also compliant with TV mounting standards that range from 200x200mm to 400x400mm VESA specifications.


The ideal TV mount should be able to accommodate the size and weight of your TV. You should also consider the area where you intend to use your motorized mount. You might need a wall mount or a ceiling mount, which you can verify by checking the area where you plan to place your TV.

Many users who need ceiling mounts are quite happy with the FLP-210 In-Ceiling Flip Down motorized TV mount. On the other hand, a lot of buyers who want a motorized TV wall mount gave top ratings to the Level Mount DC42SM Full Motion Articulating motorized wall mount. The best product for you is the motorized mount that's perfectly suited for your TV and the area where you want to use it.

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