Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized Wall Mount Review

A motorized TV mount can offer a lot of benefits, with the major benefit being reducing neck and eye strain. It also offers a space-conserving option for people with limited areas to place their home theater systems and presentation equipment. Many users have come to realize the benefits this mounts offers, which is why more people around the world have begun to shift to these motorized TV mounts in their offices and homes. One of the best motorized TV mounts is the Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized Wall Mount.

A few will still hesitate to use this motorized TV mount as some believe that it is too risky for their TVs to hang from their walls, especially if the motorized parts will be used to tilt and move their TVs from time to time. Other people think that hanging up their TVs on a motorized TV mount is not as simple and quick as it looks.

Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized HDTV Wall Mount, Panning Arm for 26-47" Digital Signage Screen

However, on the contrary, Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized Wall Mount, which is one of the best-motorized TV mounts, is designed to make good use of the slim design of the latest LED, LCD, and plasma flat screen TVs today. If you look at your TV set, you will notice there are screws and bolts that are equipped into its frame. There are there for a reason, and the reason is, your TV was uniquely designed to be mounted.

And with Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized Wall Mount, you will have an easier time installing it as it the process of installation is easy and straightforward. You won’t need any specialized technical expertise as your motorized mount has no complex parts to be joined. And if you encounter any problem with installation, you can always contact Display2go customer support team, which is available for you 24/7.

So, what makes this motorized TV mount stand out from the rest? Well, here are the features.

Features and Benefits of Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized Wall Mount

This TV mount is manufactured with aluminum and steel materials. The motorized accessories and parts of this model are packaged in a sturdy and steel frame, which is suitable for 26-inch to 47-inch HD, LED, plasma, and LED flat screen TVs. This mount can support TV with weights up to 88 lbs.


This motorized wall mount comes with a remote, which can conveniently allow you to make smooth adjustments through its integrated arm. This model is equipped with an adapter to power up its motorized features.

It has a noise-free design for its motorized parts, giving you minimal distractions while viewing your shows and presentations in your small or medium-sized TV sets. This product is also compliant with the set standards for TV mounting that range from 200mm by 200mm to 400mm by 400mm VESA specification.

Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized Wall Mount is quite trustworthy. With a weight carrying capacity of up to 88lbs, this wall mount can accommodate most TV sets with screen sizes below 47 inches. It is constructed using thick, reinforced steel-aluminum allow, and is one of the strongest motorized TV wall mount available.

This wall-mount can tilt easily using a hand move without any accessories or tools. Besides, you can use the provided remote control to move it around.

The black finish of this wall mount makes it complement any interior design, unlike other models which comes with shouting colors that may contrast your harmonized interior appearance.

As already mentioned, the bracket of this wall mount is strong and allows mounts over different sockets.

Other features include;

  • This motorized TV mount fits TV screens from 26 inches to 47 inches.
  • It can hold TV sets weighing up to 88 lbs.
  • It comes with a remote and power adapter, which can adjust and pan the arm
  • It is VESA compatible from 200 by 200mm to 400 by 400mm
  • It is made from aluminum and steel

Pros of Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized Wall Mount

  • This motorized TV wall mount is best known for its safety features and great quality
  • It fits with almost every mode and size of TVs with screen sizes less 47 inches
  • It is relatively affordable
  • Installing this unit is easy and straightforward
  • It is strong and sturdy and thus gives you enough confidence that your TV would not fall or budge

Cons of Displays2go LM2647MOT Motorized Wall Mount

  • Sometimes the motorized buttons fail to respond to remote commands

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a low-profile TV mount, this model is the perfect solution. It is not bulky, and although it doesn’t swivel or tilt, the hardware is strong and can hold a 26”-47” TV weighing up to 88lbs.


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