Mophorn TV Lift Motorized Adjustable TV Lift Review

Mophorn TV Lift Motorized Adjustable TV Lift is one of the best motorized lifts in the market. It is quite easy to install, and although it doesn’t offer a lot of adjustability and flexibility, this TV mount can accommodate medium to large size LCD and flat panel plasma TVs of size from 32 inches to 70 inches and weight up to 165lbs. With this unit, you can tilt your TV sideways with just a push of a finger. By titling this mount, you can achieve a perfect viewing angle of your screen by reducing glare from windows and lights.

This mount possesses a flawless power-coated, shiny black finish, which shields it from scratches and ensures it matches virtually any interior décor. Manufactured from solid heavy-gauge steel, this unit features a strong, adjustable design. The horizontal shift feature of this motorized lift mount allows one to tilt a TV at any position they desire.

Mophorn TV Lift Mechanism 110V Adjustable TV Lift Motorized for 32-70 Inch Automatical TV lift Stand Mount with Remote Controller for Plasma LCD LED TV and Monitor

The sleek and hi-tech looks of this mount are supported with a durable frame that holds your TV in place. You can rest assured that your TV is in safe hands as this mount has passed all the set industrial standards.

So, what makes this TV lift mount stand out from the rest?

Features of Mophorn TV Lift Motorized Adjustable TV Lift

This TV lift is constructed from solid steel for unparalleled stability and strength and is powered by a 24V permanent magnet motor. It can hold up to 75kg making it applicable to any TV model between 32 inches and 70 inches.

In addition to the heavy-duty steel construction, this model has a black matte finish making it compatible with any interior house décor. Besides, it has a steel casing to prevent wear and tear. With an inbuilt cable management system, this TV mount hides cables and wires for an orderly view. We can simply describe Mophorn TV Lift Motorized Adjustable TV Lift as a modern, stylish, and space-saving TV mount.

This mount is suitable for LCD, Plasma, Monitors, and LED TVs of sizes 32-70 inches. It is perfect for living rooms, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, showrooms, etc.

Its horizontal tilts provide you with excellent viewing that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Pros of Mophorn TV Lift Motorized Adjustable TV Lift

  • cheap motorized TV liftIt has a built-in cable management that hides all the cables and wires in the best way possible
  • This is the best TV mount for people who are looking for a unit that has a minimalistic design, yet great functionality
  • It is highly affordable as it is relatively cheaper as compared to most TV mounts in its category
  • It fits in most TV sizes and models
  • The mounting configurations and options are very flexible
  • It has a steel construction making it durable
  • With a black matte finish, you can be assured that this unit will not color-crash the interior décor of your house
  • The lift is almost silent and thus won’t distract you when watching your favorite TV show
  • It has four memory options for remembering your favorite positions and directions

Cons of Mophorn TV Lift Motorized Adjustable TV Lift

  • It lacks the adjustability possessed by most TV mounts in the market
  • The VESA bolts provided are only suitable for small TV models. If you have a larger model, you might need to buy other VESA bolts that will fit your model.

Bottom Line

This TV mount is one of the highest rated units among the motorized mounts on the market. Its low profile design coupled with an easy installation process makes Mophorn TV Lift Motorized Adjustable TV Lift the best unit on the market. You can install it in less than 30 minutes, and you don't need to possess any technical skills.

This TV mount can hold 32-70” TVs weighing up to 165 lbs. However, one of the major issues you will encounter with this TV mount is difficulty in accessing the cables on the back of your TV. The cable management system of this TV mount does a good job in hiding the wires and cables, but you will have to take it down to access them. For its price, this TV mount is the best value you will find.


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