Top 5 Best Flip-Down TV Mounts For Your Money 2017

If you live or have ever lived in a small apartment or house, you understand the logistical challenges of finding a proper place for everything you need. More and more people are looking for ways to live smaller and more efficiently, without sacrificing every day comforts we have come to depend on. A great way to save precious space is by investing in a flip down TV mount. There are several options when looking for the best flip down TV mount. First, where do you want to install it? Depending on your space, this could be a ceiling, a cabinet, or even under a desk or shelf. Second, consider the size of your TV as this will greatly help you pick the best fold down TV mount for your needs.

The prices of flip down TV mounts can vary depending on the features you want. The cheapest models will be manual fold down TV mounts, while more expensive versions may be motorized to fold down for you. It is important to consider what features you want before buying. Below is our list for the top 5 best flip down TV mounts.

Mount-it! MI-4222 TV Mount

This mount earned the number one spot on our list because of its rigorous testing for both stability and strength. This fold down TV mount it designed to hold devices with a 17 to 37 inch screen, and is ergonomically designed to fit even pitched ceilings or corners. This mount has full tilt and swivel options to ensure top viewing quality of your device from anywhere in your space. This mount is fully adjustable to fit the exact needs of your space no matter where you’d like to install it.

Mount-it! MI-4211 TV Mount

Second on our list is another model of the Mount-it! Brand of fold down TV mounts. This mount varies slightly from the previous one as it is designed for slight smaller devices, from 13 to 21 inch screens. This TV mount features all the same great features as the Mount-it! MI-4222, in its ability to adjust, swivel, and tilt to fit the needs of your space. This mount is sturdy, and will support a device weight of up to 44 pounds. This mount is ideal for motorhomes or vehicles as it is extremely robust and will help minimize movement and vibrations from the road.

VIVO Electric Motorized Flip Down TV Mount

This mount is meant for larger televisions, from a 22 inch to a 53 inch screen. This mount is designed to hold larger devices on both a pitched ceiling or a corner, much like the previous two mounts. Other than holding a larger screen size, what makes this mount different? Well, this mount is fully motorized and even comes with a remote for easy adjustment! This mount is made from industrial grade steel and is designed to hold up to 66 pounds, ensuring your device is securely mounted and won’t move an inch. It’s height is also adjustable so your screen is exactly where you want it.

Vivo Manual Flip Down TV Mount

This mount is the non-motorized version of the mount listed above for smaller TVs. Designed to hold 13 inch to 27 inch screens, this mount is a manual mount with the same solid construction and reliability as the VIVO electric mount. Like the other VIVO mount it’s steel design ensures the hardiness of the mount without compromising functionality or taking up more space than necessary.

Locteck CM1 Adjustable TV Mount

Wrapping up our list is the Locteck CM1 adjustable TV mount. This mount holds 26 inch to 55 inch screens and has swivel and tilt capabilities. It also features adjustable height differentials so you can place your screen where you’d like it in your space. This mount holds up to 132 pounds, making it the flip down TV mount that holds the most weight on our list. If you’re looking for mount a larger or heavier television, this is the perfect mount for you. It’s a breeze to install, as well.


Flip down TV mounts are fantastic options for anyone living in a small space, or for anyone who needs something other than a traditional wall mount. Fold down TV mounts are ideal for motorhomes, apartments, kitchens, offices, lobbies, or even restaurant owners. Fold down mounts ensure TVs are out of reach of grimy hands, spills, splatters, or life’s other messes. Their flexibility and adjustability makes them great for any space where TVs might need to be moved out of the way or adjusted for best viewing. Remember to consider the size of your space and the size of your television before purchasing, to avoid any undue installation headaches. With luck, our list will help you buy the best mount for your needs so you can get back to enjoying life!

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