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Top 5 Best TV Wall Mounts

No matter what you like to watch on TV, one thing is clear- with more and more people relaxing in front of the TV in their spare time, a good TV wall mount is a must.

In a busy home, with little space a TV wall mount can be a fantastic investment to keep your TV safe and give everyone a great view no matter if you’re binge-watching series, checking out a chick-flick or getting hooked on True Crime docs. The right TV mount varies depending on the type of TV you own, where you’ll install your screen and the number of people you watch with- the vast number of choices can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a review of our top 5 TV wall mounts to keep things simple for you.

1. FLEXIMOUNTS A04 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

This handy wall mount comes in two sizes, to accommodate TVs from 32 - 65 inches and 37 - 60 inches and is compatible with a range of mounting hole patterns. With heavy gauge steel supports it ican support screens up to 132lbs

Not matter how you like to watch this wall mount has you covered. Adjustable tilt 8 degree forward or 12 degree backward; Swivel 180 degrees. Like all the best TV wall mounts it includes post-installation level adjustment which allows the TV to perfectly level.

Installing this wall mount solo? No worries! This mount has a removable TV plate designed for single-person installation, and comes with a common hardware pack included in the package.

2. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

This is one of the best TV wall mounts out there. This heavy gauge universal TV mount can hold 37 - 70 inch TVs that weigh up to 132 lbs, all TV brackets are strength tested to hold several times the weight they're rated to!

Zoom in and out! This TV wall mount pulls out to 16 inch and can be retracted to 2.6 inch from the wall. If you’re lucky enough to have a room flooded with sunlight, this TV wall mount gives you a 15 degree tilt capability so you can avoid any glare.

To keep things simple all hardware is provided and arrived pre-divided to make installation a breeze. You could be enjoying this TV wall mount as soon as 30 minutes after opening the box, and since Echogear provide you with a several year warranty you’ll know you’ve bought a product you can rely on.

3 VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

This versatile mount can carry TVs weighing up to 88lbs. With a sleek high-tech look, this TV wall mount looks great and works even better. Boasting a 15 degree forward and 5 degrees’ backward tilt, a 180 degrees swivel and an extension up to 20 inches, you’ll never be struggling to get a good view, no matter what or how you’re watching.

Because the removable VESA plate can be taken off, installation of this TV wall mount couldn’t be more straightforward- especially since mounting hardware, a 10 ft HDMI Cable and a 6" 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble Level included is included.

4. Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

Cheetah are keeping things as simple as possible for this TV wall mount. Their universal design fits most 20-75" TVs and can carry a weight of up to 165 lbs. To keep your TV secure this wall mount includes a safety lock with easy to reach tabs.

Confident that you’ll love their product, this TV wall mount comes with a lifetime guarantee. With features like its tilt to reduce glare and Flush 1.5" Profile; Tilts for Better Viewing and Reduced Glare; and 10' Braided High Speed with Ethernet HDMI Cable and 6" 3-axis Magnetic Bubble Level coming with the product, this TV wall mount breezes its way into our best TV wall mounts review.

5. Mounting Dream MD2361-K TV Wall Mount Bracket

If you’re short on space and need a wall mount that will keep your TV close to the wall, then this mount is for you. The Mounting Dream MD2361-K has a 1.1 flush profile, and a stylish appearance to keep your TV looking sleek at all times.

Unlocking the TV with the pull straps is a breeze much like installation. With a one-piece wall plate design included spirit level and hardware in pre-labelled bags-you’ll find this TV wall mount is installed in no time at all. With a 10year warranty you can be confident of relying on this product for all your TV viewing needs.

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Choosing the best TV wall mount for you can seem like a mine field, with so many different types of mount to choose from. With so much versatility up for grabs, once you’ve considered your options and needs for the TV mount you need, there are some great deals on functional TV wall mounts to be had.

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